Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality have prepared a Draft Development Plan for a tenure of five years from 2007-08 to 2011-12. Under this the ULBs have prepared annual plans which would guide them to take up different projects in a particular year. The Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality have also prepared its ADP for the year 2010-11.

The Annual Development Plan will therefore only be the annual segment picked up for the respective years from the DDP document. The objective of preparing an ADP is to put together a plan for the resources required during one financial year.

The Annual Development Plan for this year comprises of projects that aim at providing services essential to sustain economic development and services that aim at providing the basic needs for improvement of quality of life and enhancement of the productive efficiency of citizens. Some projects are continuation of those which were implemented in previous fiscal years.

Major part of the external fund for this year comes from KUSP and JNNURM while BRGF also contributes comprehensively. BSUP, the integrated housing services for the Urban Poor and environment friendly Management of Solid Waste comes under the umbrella of JNNURM. The state Govt. will be having a share of funding in JNNURM with funding through other heads too. The rest will be funded by the ULB.

The major projects that are being continued and undertaken this year are BSUP Ph-II housing and infrastructure, introduction of GIS activity, development and installation of web portal under KUSP programme. Developmental interventions for Education, Health, Local Economic Development, Organizational Development, Capacity Building and Instilling Awareness among Citizens regarding several Issues are solely funded by KUSP along with its financial support for Infrastructural Development for Slum and Non-slum areas pertained to ULB.