From Chairman’s Desk

Sixteen months after my ascension as the new Municipal Chairman I am left to myself to account for all entrusted to me, to be worthy of calling myself capable of the slogan “MA MATI MANUSH”. Before me lies an account of our accomplishments, our strengths and our opportunities to better the lives of those by whom and for whom we have formed the new municipal board.

Hence I begin my retrospection with a gesture of respect, camaraderie and good regard for all my readers. We dedicate all to the people who remain the sole purpose of our toils and a smile on whose lips is an ample celebration of our success. We have come with many agendas and hope to fulfill at least some, if not all of our good-willed promises.

I am here proud to say that we have been able to oust corruption from within our walls. Provision of amenities will forever remain at the top of our priority-chart but eradicating corruption is a more long term issue requiring a stronger stand. With our ‘each one correct one’ philosophy, I believe we have made it such that corrupt practices would not tread our threshold again.

With the coming of the new board, we have deepened tubewells, installed pipelines for water supply alongside macadamizing our roads, and turning streets earlier avoided by the common man into strong durable structures. In addition, the added illicit transactions that used to creep up simultaneously with our stipulated expenditures earlier have finally succumbed to a standstill under our tenure. Every nook and cranny is under complete surveillance of the Chairman.

There’s more. Making the municipality open to the public has acted as an extra voice to the society. Many smile with the words that they could enter the chairman’s office for the first time.  With better access from both ways we feel that the grievances of the people will surely reach us more loud and distinct and our actions will be even more rapid.

We now have vapour lamps at every crossing and we have improved the drainage to a new level. Newer and better staffs of doctors for the “MATRI SADAN” and trained nurses and caretakers have been called for and facilities for an ophthalmic care centre proposed, thanks to the municipality, which will soon have a better building with a new name.  We only await the sanctioning of the plan, which is to reach the people shortly.

We hope to provide even better and faster services to all the people in the 35 wards in the near future with garbage disposal being one of the major issues. All we desire is a little cooperation from the councilors and the people resident in these wards.

We express our regret if we have caused dissatisfaction or mismatch of expectations in any way. Be sure all demands of the people towards public welfare will be taken care of at all costs. With the honesty and transparency we have always found in our respected leader Mamata Banerjee, I hope we will be able to progress to never-ending success in the coming years.

Signing off with my good greetings.

Dr. Pallab Das
Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality