Hoarding & Advertisement

Procedure Whom to contact & where Time Required In problem whom to contact & where Procedure of Renewal
  1. Application is to be made on the letter head of the applicant.
  2. Inspection at site is done by the official personnel.
  3. Approval is done if the matter is free from any discrepancy.
  4. Fees to be deposited as per the following chart.
  5. Sanction order is issued.
Executive Officer, Head office - Vice-Chairperson /E.O., Head office Same as above.

Requisite Fees
Type Area Illuminated Non-Illuminated Min. Size
Hoarding At municipal zone `160/ft2/year `80/ft2/year 15'X10'
At private zone `80/ft2/year `40/ft2/year
Kiosk Any where `80/ft2/year `40/ft2/year 2'X3'