Supply of Drinking Water tank (500 Gallon)

This is a first come first serve service for all citizens inhabiting in the municipal area.

Procedure Whom to contact & where
  1. Application form is available at Harinavi office and other local offices.
  2. One copy of tax receipt is required.
  3. Signature of waste collection agency on application form is must.
  4. Fee required for one number of water tank for one day is `350 only and the fee is to be deposited at Harinavi Head office.
Sanitary Inspector, Head Office
Septic tank / Dug Well Latrine / Soak Pit clearing service

Service is provided either with Cesspool system or by manual laborers system.

Casspool system will be available only if the approach road towards the holding is such auspicious so that Cesspool vehicle can reach within one hundred feet of Septic tank / Dug Well Latrine / Soak Pit of that holding without interrupting human and traffic movement.

If the Cesspool system is not permissible, cleaning service is done by Manual labour system. In this case an enquiry is made to ensure the number of laborers required for cleaning purpose. Service user is to pay enquiry charge of `20 for the wards under Rajpur local office and `30 for the wards under Sonarpur, Boral, Garia & Mahamayatala local offices.

Procedure Time Required Whom to contact & where
  1. Application form (free of cost) is available at Head office, Harinavi and at the five Local offices.
  2. Duly filled up application form and signed by the owner(s) along with upto date copy of tax receipt to be submitted at Sanitary Department.
  3. Fees Required :
    1. In case of Cesspool system service :-
      1. For domestic holdings - Service charge is Rs.350/- per trip for septic tank and Rs. 250/- per trip for Dug Well latrine & Soak pit.
      2. For commercial holdings - Service charge is Rs.500/- per trip for septic tank, Dug Well latrine & Soak pit as well.
    2. Manual labour system - Service charges depend on the number of labourers (as per enquiry report) required for the service.
  1. For Cesspool system - More or less 10 -12 working days (if the Cesspool vehicles do not go out of order).
  2. For Manual labour system - More or less 6 - 8 working days (if the full strength of the labour group is available)
Sri Aurobinda Halder (Asst. Sanitary Inspector), Head Office (Contact no.: 2477-9245, Ext.: 324)